iPhone 7 Plus

The 8 Best iPhone Apps That Will Make You Edit Photos Like a Pro

My love for photography got ignited when I got my first iPhone.

It was easy to take photos with the 3GS’s impressive 3.15 mega pixel camera, edit them in Camera+, and share them to Facebook.

Instagram came along a short while later and I was shooting, editing and sharing random photos more furiously than ever.

I like to think that my shooting and editing style has become a little more refined and I no longer need apps that can add gimmicky effects to my photos.

Currently, I use the iPhone 7 Plus, mainly to edit photos when I’m away from my computer. And to shoot Instagram stories. And maybe the odd selfie with Kate.

With iOS 10, the iPhone now has the ability to shoot and edit RAW images in 3rd party apps.

My Top iPhone Camera Apps

I’ve mentioned Manual Camera before, and the app introduced the ability to shoot in RAW on  iPhone SE, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, and 7 Plus running iOS 10. Manual Camera also has a widget for fast access to the app, right from the lock screen.

Canon Camera Connect, also mentioned before, is a must-have for me. It allows me to access photos on my camera and shoot remotely over a wifi connection.

My Top iPhone Photo Editing Apps

Lightroom Mobile is a beautifully built app that syncs seamlessly with Lightroom on your computer. This requires an Adobe license, which costs $10 a month and comes with Adobe Photoshop. Worth every cent. I edit RAW images in Lightroom on my computer, drag them into the mobile sync collection and carry on editing them on my iPhone and upload them to Instagram when I’m done. Did I mention that you can also shoot RAW images in the app?

Snapseed, one of my all time favorites, now also edits RAW images with a whole new develop module.

Darkroom is still one of my favorite apps. Even though it’s less powerful than Lightroom, it allows me to adjust hue, saturation and luminance to a photo quite quickly before adding a preset to it in VSCO.

VSCO tends to be the last app I use before I upload photos to Instagram. You can’t beat their high quality presets.

TouchRetouch has gotten a UI update recently, and still remains one of the best apps for quick mobile retouching.

Photoshop Fix is great for quickly retouching portraits using tools that give you the exact look you want. It’s also a great addition to the Adobe Photography Plan, and will keep your images in sync between devices.

There are many editing apps available and I have by no means tried them all.

Let me know of any great apps I may have missed in the comments below.

Disclaimer: If you purchase any paid software using the links in this blog post, I get paid a small commission, which helps me maintain this website. I will always only write about products and services that I use and feel comfortable endorsing.