About Me

Photo credit: Alexi Portokallis
Photo credit: Alexi Portokallis

I failed photography as a subject in college.

A couple of years ago, the simplicity of taking photos with an iPhone got me interested in photography again. Turns out I wasn’t too bad at it. I got featured by Instagram alongside some of my South African friends, been a suggested user on the platform twice, had my work exhibited a couple times, worked with local digital agencies, created content for local and international brands, spoke to large companies about how they can leverage Instagram, and got featured on various websites and blogs.

I invested in a camera and proper lenses and started taking photography very seriously. What started as something I did for fun quickly turned into something I got paid for. I love what I do, and my work is a reflection of that.

Besides photography and Instagram, I’m also a content creator.

Let’s create something together.