Drinking Father Coffee at The Zone in Rosebank

Boulevard Living at The Zone in Rosebank

Since I moved in with Kate last year, I’ve fallen more in love with Johannesburg. We live in a pretty central spot with little shops and restaurants in walking distance from our front door. This is fantastic for emergency groceries, a six pack for a braai, or breakfast when we’re feeling really lazy.

However, sometimes I actually have to leave home to have meetings, buy groceries, find clothes (and sneakers), meet friends and drink good coffee.

This is where The Zone fits in very nicely.

It’s a short little drive up the road, and I have pretty much nearly everything I need in one space.

One of my favourite spaces within that space, however, is Father Coffee. Although they’ve only recently branched out from their original Braamfontein store, it’s a favourite amongst their regulars from the inner city and new customers alike.

It’s my go-to spot for a double cortado, whether I’m in The Zone for a meeting or just to hang out with friends.

There are, of course, other coffee shops. Great ones at that. Motherland Coffee makes great coffee and they have a great wifi connection. I’ve used it as an office and a meeting space on more than one occasion.

When it comes to sneakers, well, you’re spoilt for choice. Between Shesha, Prime, Holmes Bros, Nike, Superga and Cross Trainer, you’re bound to find a fresh pair of kicks.

Boulevard Living

You may have noticed that there’s a lot of construction that’s been happening in the area lately. While some old buildings have been torn down, there are some really cool buildings going up.

One of these developments is The Vantage apartment block, which is just a short walk from The Zone. The apartments are modern and up-market, with an incredible view of Johannesburg.

The Gautrain station is also a short walk away. So depending on where you need to be, you can start your day right by grabbing a cup of freshly brewed coffee on the way to the train station.

The convenience factor of having the right stores a short walk away combined with city living really appeals to me.

While this post has been sponsored by the folks at The Zone, the opinions in this post are my own.