How To Create Spectacular Moody Images With Snapseed Right Now

Snapseed has been one of my favourite editing apps since day one. I’ve written about it before, and how using it with VSCO makes for a great mobile editing workflow, and they’re both free.

If you’re anything like me, you have a ton of unedited photos on your camera roll that you don’t know what to do with.

With some creative editing in Snapseed, you can turn a boring old photo into a dramatic and moody image.

Transforming Images With Snapseed

I put together a little tutorial video to show you how quick and simple it actually is.

The video does move quite quickly and your settings may vary a little depending on your images.

My Snapseed Adjustments

Open the Tune Image module and make the following adjustments:

  • Brightness +35
  • Contrast +25
  • Saturation -100
  • Ambiance +31
  • Highlights -14
  • Shadows -15
  • Leave Warmth at 0

Next, go to the Details module and increase Structure to +30.

In the Crop module, I chose a ratio of 4:5 as it works really well on Instagram without making the image too small. You’ll notice that I also used the rule of thirds in the crop, using Chris‘s face as a focal point.

Using Chris’s face as a focal point, I chose Lens Blur in Filters to further enhance it.

My adjustments were:

  • Blur Strength +30
  • Transition +45
  • Vignette Strength +52

I then added a vignette, still using the face as a focus point and dropped the Outer Brightness to -80 and increased the Inner Brightness to +20 for further contrast.

Finally, I added a Tonal Contrast filter and adjusted Low Tones to +40.

The photos that you start with will probably be completely different to mine. Use my adjustments as a guideline and tweak them to create your own dramatic monochrome images.