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I Made You Some Adobe Lightroom Presets

I’ve been making an effort to edit photos in Lightroom lately.

I’ve played around with all the settings and made a couple of presets that I thought you’d like.

The presets were created in Lightroom to reflect my signature style for the different types of shots I take. I’m lazy and I like taking shortcuts. I’m sure you feel the same. If you’d like to reduce your editing time, just add a preset and make the necessary adjustments to your image.

I created a preset for the things I shoot most, namely portraits, cityscapes and pigeons. They aren’t one size fits all, but a little adjustment to the presets can go a long way.

Soft Portrait Preset

Soft Portrait Lightroom Preset

This is a little softer than my usual style, but creates a nice mood for portraits.

Urban Grind

Urban Grind Lightroom Preset

This preset is better suited for cityscapes and urban photography. You’ll notice it’s slightly colder and has a slight fade.


Pigeons Lightroom Preset

I’m not a huge fan of warm tones in my photos. I increased the contrast and clarity in this preset and added blue shadows for a cold, unforgiving urban effect.

Installing the presets

To install your presets, you’ll need to extract the downloaded .zip file and move the .lrtemplate files to a location on your hard drive.

Next, open Lightroom and go to the ‘Develop’ module.

Lightroom Presets Develop Screenshot

Expand the Presets window on the left and scroll down to ‘User Presets’ and right-click. Select ‘Import…’ and navigate to where you saved the .lrtemplate files that you extracted. Choose the presets you want to install and click open.

Lightroom Presets Import

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