I Needed A Holiday. My Photography Did Too.

I got into photography as a hobby. A few short years later, it became my career.

As much as I enjoy getting paid to do something I love, a holiday was long overdue.

Kate and I planned a little getaway in April to see her sister in Umhlanga. We both love a road trip, so we decided that we’d take the very scenic route.

Brahman Hills

Our first stop, which Kate wrote about, was Brahman Hills in the Midlands.

The hotel is nestled in the hills, perfect for escaping the daily grind. It was just what we needed. We managed to relax in the jacuzzi (often), and went out exploring, and took a couple of photos of the Brahman cows on the property.

Terbodore Coffee

We stopped over at Terbodore Coffee the next morning. We loved everything about this place, so much so that we paid them a visit on our way back to Joburg. Their delicious coffee is served by staff members that know their coffee. The local Great Danes prefer to bask in the sunshine.


Howick Capture Site

The Howick Capture Site is one of those places you’re obligated to see as a South African. It is where police captured Nelson Mandela on 5 August 1962, after visiting ANC President Chief Albert Luthuli in Groutville. The monument is made up of various steel columns, that when seen from the viewing point, make up a portrait of Madiba’s face.

Howick Capture Site Howick Capture Site

Durban and Umhlanga

The first thing we checked out in Durban was the Markets of Warwick. The tour takes visitors around Warwick Junction, where you could buy anything from curry to love potions and almost anything in-between. The tour was really interesting, as not only do you get to take a leap out of your comfort zone, you get to see what informal traders go through on a daily basis to feed themselves and their families.

No trip to Umhlanga would be complete without a visit to the pier and the lighthouse.

World Wide Instameet 13

As you can see, photography wasn’t entirely on the backburner. We focused mainly on experiences, but the cameras definitely came along wherever we went. We were in Durban for Instagram’s 13th World Wide Instameet and met up with some old and new friends at sunrise to take photos of the pier by Circus Circus. Kate had been here before and told me the story of Eugene, a policeman who feeds the pigeons at this spot every day after work. Naturally, I bought some (2 kilograms) bird seed to feed the pigeons. Andy Carrie made it his mission to catch a helpless pigeon and as you can see, he succeeded.

Giant’s Castle

Our last stop on our way back was Giant’s Castle. We stayed for two nights and even found the energy to take a little hike into the caves, where our guide told us the story behind bushman paintings that had been painted on the rocks hundreds of years ago. We spent our evenings out on the deck of our chalet where we drank red wine, ate cheese and struggled to make a braai.


Okay, What About The Photography?

If you’re familiar with my work, you know that I shoot mainly urban scenes and cityscapes. It’s what I love shooting. But sometimes you need a break. Our little road trip to the coast is just what I needed. It was a huge step out of my comfort zone, an opportunity to shoot something new, and a fresh new challenge of figuring out how to edit it all.