How To Create Spectacular Moody Images With Snapseed Right Now

Snapseed has been one of my favourite editing apps since day one. I’ve written about it before, and how using it with VSCO makes for a great mobile editing workflow, and they’re both free.

If you’re anything like me, you have a ton of unedited photos on your camera roll that you don’t know what to do with. Read More…

The Only Two Apps I Use To Edit Images – and They’re Free

When I started with mobile photography a couple of years ago, the only apps I used were my iPhone’s native camera and Instagram to take and edit photographs.

As time went on, I downloaded various apps that I hoped would help me take better photos and create miracles with my editing. It never happened.

After spending a fair chunk of cash in the App Store, and creating ‘photographs’ that were overly saturated, had the highest dynamic range possible and had horrible vignettes, I figured apps couldn’t save me from myself.

So after much research and trial and error, I found these two gems on the App Store that are absolutely free. Read More…